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How to naturally fight this enlarged prostate using super beta prostate?

– Eat often foods rich in zinc: oysters, lentils, white beans, horse meat and veal, wheat flour, clams, whole soybeans, sunflower seeds, sesame.

– Eat pumpkin seeds (or pumpkin). In addition to being rich in zinc, pumpkin seed also contains a substance (beta-sitosterol) very important for the prostate (also reduces bad cholesterol!). You can find it in concentrated form in health food stores.

You may also season your salad with pumpkin oil!

– Bee pollen is another effective product for the treatment of enlarged prostate.

– In case of inflammation and irritation, take the pollen of rye (avoid irritants like first coffee, food and alcohol readings!).

– Zinc supplements may be helpful.

– Hot baths and a greater frequency of ejaculation soothe any pain in general.

– It is recommended to avoid the “bad” fats (red meat, dairy products) and against use as often as possible “good” fats: olive oil, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, etc. .

For your pleasure and well-being of your prostate, consume:

– Garlic, soy and black beans; based foods cooked tomatoes (tomato sauce, pizza …) strawberries.

Help by herbal

Two plants can help.

– Saw Palmetto Bay (Serenoa repens), or dwarf palm, will bring the same results as some drugs but without the side effects (eg, impotence).

– The African plum tree (Pygeum africanum), reduces inflammation and swelling relatively quickly (2 months). It is on the one hand, reducing the size of the prostate, and secondly, treating erectile dysfunction and infertility (if they were caused by a prostatic disorder).

You can find these products in capsule form of powder or liquid in natural food stores and pharmacies thanks to super beta prostate.

Help by physical activity

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– If you spend a lot of time sitting, it is obvious that your “pelvic floor” (triangle between the ‘tips’ buttocks and pubic) undergoes a constant pressure which compresses the prostate.

If you need long periods of sitting (at work, in a vehicle, a machine, etc..) Take regular breaks to stretch and walk. Your prostate will thank you (and your eyes, your back and your nerves!).

– Practice the exercise of deer: This exercise is simply to contract the muscle group that goes from the coccyx to the pubis (pelvic floor). At the beginning, made a series of a dozen deep and long contractions, 2-3 times a day. After the contraction phase, slowly release. Thereafter, increase the number of contractions (longer series).

This exercise can be done anywhere: in the car, in a queue, etc..

– Avoid sports that compress the pelvic floor (eg cycling or horse) or use saddles specially designed to release the pelvic floor.

All these tips may help you avoid surgery!

From the first symptom prostate (difficulty urinating) put every effort to avoid getting drugs or worse, surgery.

You have read in this article that could save your prostate by natural methods. So take action now!

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